Wet 'n' Wild MegaLast Liquid Lip Colors for Spring 2013

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Lacquer Lackey
Jul 8, 2009
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California, USA
Wet 'n' Wild has come out with thirteen new Wet 'n' Wild MegaLast Liquid Lip Colors for Spring 2013. They look really pigmented. So are any of these calling to you?

I personally really like quite a few of them.

Photo Source 

Left to right:

  • Pink Perfection
  • Do I Make You Blush?
  • Click On My Hyperlink
  • Iris I Was Rich
  • Pocketful Of Roses
  • Coral Me Bad
  • Raisin’ The Roof

Photo Source

Left to right:

  • Back To The Fuchsia
  • Rose To The Occasion
  • High-Pitched Wine
  • Red My Mind
  • Cherry On Top
  • I Can Bare It
I usually love WnW lipgloss so I'm looking forward to these. I will probably grab some Friday to test them myself.

These are awful, absolutely awful. I know it's weird that this is my first post, but this is the first time I ever felt inclined to post, lol. Quoting Musings of a Muse here, these are "soul sucking dry." It's true.

Edit: Apparently, this isn't my first post. I thought it was. I don't remember posting here before, lol.

I tried these and actually took them all back and I barely ever return things. The formula is odd...

no no, no no this product sucks!!!! i jus bought the "click on my hyperpink" n the texture is like matte i looks like paint n feels super sticky the color is great but it has absolutlly NO SHINE WHAT SO EVER!!!! and it is SO VERY HARD to get off i still have a outline of it on my lips and i SCRUBED HARD so hard my lips hert n i still cant get it off! i give this product a 1 but i will give it a 5 for color cause the colors r amazing jus only if the product was n e good then it would b ok! I WILL DEFF BE TAKING THIS PRODUCT BACK and PLEASE if n e one knows the "wet n wild" website PLEASE let me kno!!!!!!!!! i recomend NOT buying this product it really REALLY blew me away how crappy it was! thanks for taking the time to read my review n i hope it helps! thanks for allowing me to vent about this HORRIBLE PRODUCT!

this is my first review on n e product but i was soooo very disapointed i had to review it cause i would really hate for some one to go spending the money on a foul product!

I bought one a while ago & I really do not like it. They dry kind of hard on the lips, so the lips feel very stiff. If you put your lips together, they stick to each other & ends up getting very flaky. It IS long last & takes A LOT to get it off, even my Bobbi Brown lip remover could not get it off, but it was so uneven on the lips after a while, such a hassle to use & so NOT worth it.

Sorry, was out of town for a few days. Exactly as above, it dries weird and uneven, kind of looks like a crackle nail polish on your lips. The colors are fantastic but the formula is not.


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