What are you doing and what would you rather be doing, right now?

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Sep 28, 2007
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Me: At Work - rather, at home working on my man
right now: In my dorm

rather be: at home working on MY man. (or just painting...hahaha. just loved that phrase...and had to agree!)

Today is a crappy day for me... I'm doing laundry, writing my bf's paper for school, (no clue why i'm doing this.) and trying to clean my room. I have to go to work for 5, and then come back to finish the paper.

I just want to be sleeping... I feel like I'm getting a cold.

At work, thinking aboout stuff, so I'm also checking for PMs. I'd rather be surfing, if no surf, dressing up and playing with makeup!

Im home sick and I would rather be on a Island laying in the sun and having a cocktail

I'm at work right now...blah!!!

I'd rather be on a shopping spree in some exotic place with a sexy ass boyfriend to hold all my bags...LMAO

Originally Posted by MissBGlam /img/forum/go_quote.gif I'm at home bored ass hell. I wish I was just somewhere else period!! Ditto!
where i am: at work putting together projections

where i'd rather be: at home napping on the sofa

ok, i'm on MuT, but i really need to work and i still have to figure out what to eat (it's idnner time here).

I'm at work BLECH!

I wish i was at the mall but i'd settle for a nap with my kitty girl Layla.

At work, "working," would rather be at home sitting in my sofa watching ANTM, missed it last night
munching on a double bacon cheeseburger followed by a stuffed cruzed pizza!

what I'm doing: working on a powerpoint presentation due next wednesday

what I'd rather be doing: having finished all my assignments, lying in the sun on a tropical beach with a caprioska. And, I'd still probably want to be on mut, lol

LOL, for a while I thought everybody here was horny...

Where I am, at work tryina tie up a project.

I'd rather be at home, in bed, or playin in my makeup

Right now, I'm checking the MuT boards while watching Grey's Anatomy. I wish that I were checking the MuT boards while watching Grey's Anatomy in a clean house, freshly showered with clean hair and freshly bathed dog. Maybe I'll just Tivo it, take care of my shit, and watch it once I'm finished.

Haha funny thread well I am at home bored and trying to organize stuff.

Id rather be home in Greece, or shopping at MAC with a pile of money, or I wish I could be spending the night with this guy Im totally crazy about
Gah the worst part is he likes me too, but hes TAKEN. Grrrrr!