What are you wearing, Wednesday?

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Jun 12, 2004
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I am never very fashionable and I am wearing my Xtina t-shirt I got when I saw her and Justin in concert. And, a pair of jeans. Jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. If it's uncomfortable I won't wear it.

I'm wearing some tweed slacks (one of few that still fit my preggo body), a green button down collar shirt with a brown pullover sweater over it; finished with brown 1 1/2 inch brown boots. Its a nice day in New York today so I didnt have to bundle up as much.

I enjoy being fashionable but have been finding it extremely hard to these days. There is a desperate need for some stylish maternity clothes. Think I may be on to something............

A fitted light grey turtleneck, jeans, black belt, and my new sexy black boots
OK they're not stilletos or anything, but they're the narrowest heel I can comfortably wear walking around campus all day! And fortunately it was warm enough today to wear my black leather coat instead of a bulky winter coat!