What are your favorite winter/Christmas makeup looks?

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Cat-eyes! I wouldn't say my cat-eye is great, but it's one of those things I can wear at any time, anywhere. But winter-time..I'd say mauves and purples with a pretty highlighter is my favorite look at the moment, if that has any relevance.
well that is a good question, i was just wondering what looks would i call wintery.

i sure love cat eyes, purples, a bit of golden/beige shimmery e/s to highlight the eye. i also love my combo green eyeshadow/coppery brown liner, though it may look more like an autumn look.

plums and dark greens and stuff, and a nice pair of trashbag christmas earrings

Also, golds and silvers and shimmery metallics always seem really christmassy to me.

Neutral smokey eyes with a pale pink lip and light pink blush. I also love red lips but only for certain occasions mostly.

I love shimmer anything but it seems especially appropriate during the holiday season. I'm a silver girl and like the new silver eyshadows I have been seeing.

When I saw this thread last night, I immediately thought of this look Adriana Lima had in one of the VS catalogues.... and I googled that picture for so long! I gave up and here it is.

Generally speaking, dark smokey eyes and matte red lips are always very popular looks in winter time. Personally, though, I tend to like cooler-toned blushes, non-glossy lips (if it's windy outside my hair always gets stuck in my gloss), and lots of sparkly white loose eyeshadow with darker colors blended into the crease. Lately, I've been doing a deep mauve lip color; it's wintery and bold but it's not too over-the-top for everyday wear.

Thought about this more...one of my personal favorite looks is a smokey eye with only pencil eyeliner done on the waterline, and nude lips. Highlighter IS your best friend here, as is a decent mascara...maybe some pale pink blush too.
I don't go to many fancy parties during the hols -- usually work party, Sunday School party, and maybe one more with some other mundane social group. But I still try to dress up a little and add some glitzy eyeshadow and lip gloss to my regular makeup. :x

I love playing up the flushed, wintery look. Bright, popping berry pink lips and cheeks with simple black eyeliner. My skin gets more pale in the winter and this just looks fresh.. Such a nice change from bronzes and browns that I like when I'm tanned.


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