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Aug 24, 2005
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...cosmetic products that are, um, YOU but better?

I mean, foundation that doesn't look like a mask, mascara that looks natural AND stays on, sheer or lip-color lipsticks, blush that looks like a natural flush, etc...

I like to wear a little makeup, because I'm not perfect, but I like a natural look, I want it to be ME that looks nice, not my makeup.

Also, organic, hypoallergenic, sensitive skin product suggestions are particularly welcome. thank you!

I don't really need full on foundation, so I like to wear tinted moisturizer from MAC... its give a nice dewy sheen with a hint of coverage.

Also, to cover dark circles I like MAC Select Cover-up (I'm NW 25)... it has light reflecting qualities that help your under-eye area look less purple and dull.

Oh! And bronzer... right now I'm using NARS bronzer because my MAC one ran out... but usually I use MAC-- hehe.

ditto on the tinted moisturuzer. it helps give a little coverage/even up your skin tone a little but isn't too much.

if you apply just one coat of mascara it looks natural. or you can use brown mascara so it's no too intense.

are your flushed cheeks more pink or red?

hmmmm....I'm feeling some very strong MAC-love on this site!

my cheeks? they flush pink, unless I've done something REALLY naughty! LOL!

I've been experimenting with mineral makeup, and I really enjoy the natural coverage, but tinted moisturizer sounds good for days when I feel lazy.

I found some 3-day revlon mascara that says it's a tint rather than a full coat. I like it except that it dries fast and if you're still combing your lashes the brush can get stuck. and the three day thing is more like a day and a half....but then again, I'm a notorious eye-rubber!


I like Maybelline's Full n Soft mascara for a natural look, in Brownish Black if you don't want dramatic lashes. I always buy the waterproof formula, and that stuff isn't going anywhere! lol

I swear by CLINIQUE's Superpowder. Its a powdered foundation in a compact and it does NOT look like you are wearing ANY at all. Its perfect. Also there is an oil free version which I use in the summer when I want some coverage.

I'm hooked on that product.

I'm a big fan of chantacaille real skin spf 30 foundation, benefit benetint and highbeam and an LE Stila lipstick called Becky from the Vanity Fair giftset (this isn't really me but better, but it is a very sheer berry color).

MAC lustre lipsticks in Pink Apertif (sadly LE) and Honeyflower are my best MLBB shades.

Kanebo 38°C Silk Performance mascara. gives lashes a feathery, natural look while adding length.

For foundation, I think that powder foundation or tinted moisturizer is your best bet!! I love Sonia Kashuk Radiance Tinted Moisturizer, Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer, and Physician's Formula Mineral Wear Powder.

For concealor, I need something heavy-duty, so I'm currently using Max Factor's Panstik. I may eventually try something like MAC's Select Cover Up though, as I've heard good things about it!!

Bronzer is good to use because it makes me look a little healthier, like I have a little more color. My fave for the longest time has been Caboodles Tahiti Bronzer - it's a light golden tan with golden shimmer, and it's not too dark for my light skin.

Blush is also essential, and I've got lots of faves!! Milani Luminous is a nice one though, as it gives me a great, natural flush.

If I want to just enhance my eyes, I'll use a champagne/taupe/peach/gold shade on the lid. Some of my faves are Stila Wheat, Kitten, and Oasis, Shu ME Silver 945, MAC Coco, Deckchair, and Vanilla Pigments, MAC Jest, Naked Lunch, and Retrospeck e/s. Then I line my eyes with a thin line of black eyeliner. I don't know your coloring, but dark brown might look more natural on you, because it does on me, so I wear that sometimes too. Lastly, I curl my lashes and apply one coat of a thickening mascara. I love Cover Girl Super Thick Lash!!

For lips, I like to stick to a sheer tinted balm or gloss. Neutrogena Moisture Shine Lip Tints and Revlon Super Lustrous l/g.


I like a few things that are natural looking, but defiinitely better than bare!

CoverGirl TruBlend pressed powder

Wet'n'Wild All Over Shimmer (champagney glowy highlighter/eyeshadow)

Clinique Naturally Glossy mascara

Wet'n'Wild blush in Naive

L'oreal Quickstick (good base for e/s, and concealer)

Bare Minerals - only if I have time to fuss with it, though!

Dr. Pepper lip smacker

Burt's bees lip shimmers

Cornsilk bronzer

i'm a natrual make-up girl too, so here are my fav products, or as you said me but better : )

1. I usualy use Chanel original eclat serum,but when I feel my tan starts to fade i use Revlon Skinlights in 'warm light' to boost it up a little

2.as a face powder and a bronze blsuh i use the Prisme again! blush quad by Givenchy

3. and since i adore kohl in the eyes, i always use armani eyes pencil in dark brown, one of the best ever..and for mascaras, i really don't need much, i use the gel mascara from the body shop just to define them more and remove the eye pencil leftover if there are any ^^

4.cheeks- chanel blush in tea rose

5.lip gloss - any natural pink/nude color ( i love the pink/peach shades but i didn't found any good ones till now, any recs?)

hope that helped


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