What color are my eyes?!?!

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Mar 16, 2012
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This is probably in the wrong thread, but since eye color has somewhat to do with makeup, I decided to post it here. Sorry if it is misplaced! 

So I need help putting a label on my eye color. I never really considered them to be any color, and they actually do look different depending on what I wear, eyeshadow.. but not a huge difference. 

Would you say they are grey? Green? Blueish? Hazel? Ahhh!

Wow, bad photo. teehee.

Looks grey with gold flecks. My dh's eyes change colour according to his mood ...grey to bright green.

Take an outdoor photo instead. Around the early afternoon in the shade. The bathroom light is warmer than natural light, so it'll throw off your eye color. 


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