What color do you have on your toes? Do you match them with your fingernails?

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May 10, 2007
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I painted my toes today and they're hot pink and my fingernails are Fire red. I never try to match the colors on my hands and feet. I don't know why, but I just don't.

I never paint my toes, but I like it on other women. I'm just too lazy to do it.

I always match because i think it looks silly to have one color on my fingers and wear open toe shoes and have a different color, i mean ud match ur shoes to ur purse so why not ur toes n fingers?

anyways I got black on I had hot pink yesterday, I tend to change it every second day tho and when i go out i try to match it to my outfit for the club I think im obsessed with matching tho

RED !! RED!!! RED !!!! for my toes, I love deep reds, but for hands its french all the way.

I actually only paint my toes ( I'm a nail biter - SHAME ! ) but I would probably match it every now and then..

i always try to match but its never works like that because i do my pedi once in two weeks and mani ones a week

My toes are kind of a coral. My fingers are unpainted because of work. When I do paint them I match.

I usually don't match. Right now my fingernails are peach and my toenails are a bright orangy coral color which I dusted with loads of orange/yellow glitter while they were still wet, so they're a super 3d sparkley orange.

I've got a little french pedi type thing I did on my toes. It's red with black tips. And I didn't paint my fingernails to match. They aren't painted yet

The only time I paint my toes is when I get a pedicure, and I get a french. I get it about 4 x a year... that's it.