What do I need to offer to get this clutch?!

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Nov 4, 2012
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I have offered more than the clutch is worth, I have bundled 3 items, but still am rejected. Any tips? This is my first go at LBB.

What are you offering?  That's going to have a lot to do with it.  I won't trade a purse for jewelry unless it's at least 33% more than the purse is worth, for example, because jewelry usually trades down.  *Way* down in some cases.  Also, I see that there is only one of those out there, and it might be that person's number one must-have, and *nothing* will change their mind, even if you offer three times the value, especially if their bag is closing soon.  I think a lot of these lower-priced absolutely-will-not-trade-this items are in the new $29.95 bags that only have three trading days.  I've opened a couple of these lower-prices bags, and I'm finding that I'm a lot more reluctant to trade for things I'm iffy on because I won't have much time to trade for something I actually want.  


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