What do you bring when you go out?

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Aug 29, 2020
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Have you ever thought that what you bring out is just unnecessary? I brought my keys, purse, and just a portable charger in my big handbag. I thought to myself. How can I bring less and carry less? I started to plan out my day, like checking the weather report if it rains or if I need my power bank for the day ahead to carry less. Yet, I carried the same old tote bag with me, and It's rather boring and in the way. Then It hit me. I stumbled upon the perfect bag/purse for my journey. It is a small easy to carry purse with an attachable sling. I could fit in all my cards, keys, cash, and even my phone and then some. I feel so light and free! Like the burden got off my shoulders. Literally. What do you bring along in your journey?