What do you think about female degradation, oppression, or being a misogynist

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Sep 27, 2007
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What do you think about the forms of female degradation in the world today. This would include such things as objectifying women in music, pornography, innuendos, jokes, humor, etc. Do you think it is a major problem of the 21st century. What are your thoughts, ideas, or comments?

don't even friggen start me man.. i'm doing an essay on this in regards to women's history. We make up half the population but our past has been mostly ignored because it's 'men' that make history.

I think it's worse now than ever because we don't even recieve limited respect as women - for all that we are supposedly living in an egalitarian society, chivalry is dead and people are ruder than ever - women towards women even!

I'm sick of guys making sexist jokes in this day and age - they just don't 'get' it!

A lot of these exist because of past, traditional views of women. These views just transitioned over to the 21st century ( note that women only started gaining rights in the early 1900s.) These thoughts and viewpoints have existed since the 1400s and possibly earlier. Oh, hey pinksugar....

This thread might get alot of heat! When I have time to post,I will tell you all my views.

Originally Posted by AngelaGM /img/forum/go_quote.gif This thread might get alot of heat! When I have time to post,I will tell you all my views. I am ready for a warm topic, Angela. Most of the time my topics are very cold.
By the way, are there any studies or results of any kind that may hint or prove that a certain type of female degradation poses a risk to females or causes violence?

Eh...just to let you know...I will be watching this closely....

But it is a good topic, so please ensure that you repsect everyone's opinions.

Now...my two cents: I am not familiar with female degradation in my personal life, cause I take no shit from anyone, and I dont make myself a victim. As far as porn and such goes....that is the "vison" I guess that man has for women. To be a sexual being, to be degraded, etc. However, we as females are in the day and age where you can do what you want. If they are doing it, its cause they want to do it. Regardless, I have no respect for them and hate when I see them crying on tv about how they dont like what they do. You dont like it eh? Go to school and get an education and get a job, better yourself, and quit letting it all hang out.

Men making jokes about women, haha I dont care.... casue I have been called by my husband a female chauvinist and I dont care. I make jokes about men. So its all in good fun to me.

No matter what we as women do, we will always be looked down upon because of the bad apples that spoil the whole bunch. But I applaud all women that know how to do something other than clap their ass.

Hasn't majority of our history shown us being degraded, objectified and such?

...people follow suit and stupidly, they still continue it. Personally, the only time I've ever encountered anything of this kind is when we're playing co-ed sports or in jobs where it demands heavy, physical labor. Women are pushed aside, picked last... undermining their actual ability. I mean, it doesn't bug me much with these things often but when it's thrown in our faces then it does - like a creature going, "ooo you're going to let a girl beat you?". Or other things like, "...girls can't do that, girls shouldn't do that." Irks me.

As for jokes, I think they're find and I can take it and will dish it too. But when it's a deliberate low blow, then forget it.

I have no issue with women in pornography or music videos - the ones who do it "tastefully". It's a women's choice and if that medium she uses makes her feel "sexy" - then so be it. I mean, women are scene as objection of lust and desire more so then when men are up there shaking their thang. I believe that's why it's still so popular to see girls in music videos. I'm sure there's been videos with guys shaking their asses... but really, is that something we all wanna see? Haha. I'm just picturing muscle men flexing and pouring wine down themselves... ugh, ain't cute.

Basically it comes down to the women, if she lets herself be put down, used around, chewed up and spit out then of course men are going to do and say whatever to her. But I think guys actually show respect to those who earn it, if I'm making sense? I know that's how guys usually act. Sleep with hoe, marry the virgin type of mess...

Anyways, I think guys get some of the same shit back too. Especially gay men.

You know..a lot of people will say its wrong. I also say its wrong..BUT...do you think there is a double standard? I absolutely will not stand for a dude calling a chick a ***** or anything degrading around me. But at the same time, arent men treated in an almost similar manner?

Originally Posted by CellyCell /img/forum/go_quote.gif Anyways, I think guys get some of the same shit back too. Very true!
This is an excellent thought provoking thread! It surprises me that in many instances women are looked down upon given the simple fact we give life to our sons! I could go on and on about this topic but I feel as though everyone might have better educated views on this subject. =)

I am not as articulate as some of you but after I finish cleaning and put my chili in my crock pot I might share more of my viewpoints. =)

Well, we are eligible under the constitution to form thoughts, jokes, ideas, and display a certain attitude that may degrade a women. In the same sense, we are allowed to do the same to the other sex. Being a male, I feel that it is only the virtue of sheer bad lack that women are degraded more so than men in the 21st century. According to historic accounts, women were always the weaker of the two sexes, deemed evil, seductive, and tempting, and very often were separated completely from the male populace. Do you remember Pandora of greek mythology? According to the greeks, she was believed to be the first women who opened the box that unleashed all the bad things on the world. According to David Gilmore, the author of the book Misogyny - The Male Malady "Man’s fascination is the product of a certain mixture or balance of emotional states that is as dynamically unstable as it is irresolvable. This jumble of emotion is paralyzed to an extreme and dramatic degree: both desire and repulsion, neither alloyed, for just as man loves and desires the female body, he also fears and distrusts it because woman’s flesh is too desirable, too gratifying. Men especially fear the peremptory power that woman’s body exerts over him, its enormous capacity to provoke feelings so uncontrollable that their frustration promises as much pain as their gratification does pleasure." Here we are actually given a reason why males are justified when they fear or hate women. St. Jerome, a 4th-century Latin father of the Christian church, said: “Woman is the gate of the devil, the path of wickedness, the sting of the serpent, in a word a perilous object." Thomas Aquinas, the 13th-century Christian theologian said that woman was “created to be man’s helpmeet, but her unique role is in conception . . . since for other purposes men would be better assisted by other men.†All of these ideas give me a sense a sense of conviction that the only reason degradation is higher for females is because they have historically, always been degraded and deemed weaker. It's not necessarily a new concept of the 21st century. The only thing different about degradation are the new methods we have. Pornography being one; although, pornography is degrading to both males and females since it exists for both.


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