What do you think of NYX makeup?

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Oct 15, 2007
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Mod notice: Just a heads up that this is an old thread that was brought back to life.  Some of the information in this thread may still be helpful, but keep in mind that many of the posts and poster opinions may be outdated!

What do you think of NYX makeup?
What do you like an dislike about it
I've never tried it and I'm wondering

what do you think?
On ebay they sell 24 pigments for 24 dollars and I think thats a really good deal.. but I wouldn't want to spend the money on something I've never tried before.
How well do you think they work? is that price worth it?

NYX is amazing!!! I love their loose shadows (pigments) the best. They are full of color and not as messy as MAC pigments. I have also used their Doll Mascara, Lipsticks, Lip Gloss and regular eyeshadows. I think their products are comparable to MAC

Thanks for the info...I just found out about this company recently through a friend, and was considering trying the products.

NYX is my favorite brand, actually. I have single shadows, loose chrome shadows, shadow trios, lipglosses, and brushes and I love it all! Good pigmentation, long lasting, and good quality.

On the downside, I can only buy NYX online and I have gotten a couple of colors that look different than they did on the website. Having said that, they're so cheap that I can't complain.

NYX's eye products are very good quality.
I haven't really tried the rest of their stuff, though!

I really want to try their stuff, but I can't find it around here & I don't want to have to do it on line.

Originally Posted by PhantomGoddess /img/forum/go_quote.gif My title sums up nicely how I feel about NYX

Haha! Love it!
Originally Posted by oneewiishx0 /img/forum/go_quote.gif Does the eyeshadow stay on well? are those 24 pigments worth it? The piggies are def worth it!!!! I always use UDPP when I use eyeshadow, so they always stay on.
The e/s stay on very well!!! Especially with their jumbo pencils as a base. In fact I use it more than any other brand I own...they have soooo many colors, and the pigments are so vibrant! And they're so cheap. The only thing I don't like is that some shadows are chalky. As for pigmentation though, it's up to par with many high-end brands out there, and most of their shadows (at least the ones I own) have a soft shimmer to them, which I love. People have complemented me on my e/s and they ask me if I'm wearing MAC. They get surprised when I tell them it's not.

The price is right for their shadows and I would recommend them to anyone. I just went to a Fragrance Outlet for my bday and they had the ultra pearl shadows for 1.95 and some single shadows on sale for 1.95 as well. They had like 60 different single shadow colors...the most I've seen in a store.

I actually just purchased some NYX products for the first time, should be here by friday. So I hope it's as good as everyone says.

where is the link to seller on Ebay..

i'll buy first thing !!

their pigments are reallyyyyyyyyyy good!!

i am trying to get my hands on their products!! let me see..whom can i persuade, to send me their tonns of makeup for reasonable price

Originally Posted by chococat123 /img/forum/go_quote.gif Hmm...that's weird. Cuz like when I go see tutorials when ppl use NYX, they pronounce it as individual letters...
Since you got it from their website, it's prononounced "knicks"..hehe

I also refer to it as individual letters as well.
But that is the official way of pronouncing it.

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