What do you think of Tim Ferris' low-carb diet?

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Jan 13, 2013
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This diet seems to be very effective for most people. You are supposed to loose much weight fast. It's a low-carb diet, you must eat much vegetables, proteins and legumes. I tried it and since I love vegetables and lentils, it was not too hard to do, plus one day per week you eat whatever you want, even pizza or fires. But for me it did not work. I lost only 2 pounds and after 3 weeks I gave up.

I still think it is worth trying. You can get the whole diet on this link, you don't have to buy the book.


Good luck to those who'll try it.

Most people who gain weight are either not exercising or their diet isn't balanced. The best advice I have found is to focus on eating your veggies and fruits like you parents taught you.

Fruits also contain many healthy nutrients that are needed by the body. Like I said above, balance is important.


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