What Do You Wear While Doing House Work?

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Dec 9, 2006
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I say my PJ's, most of the day, till i have to work out lol
they are pretty comfy, can't think of anything else to wear while cleaning the house.
What do you wear?

I wear the bummest thing possible...LOL. I WILL NOT, get any kinda cleaning product on anything cute, so usually I'm cleaning in an old wife beater and some sweatpants, or a night shirt and some shorts.

I like to clean first thing in the morning, so I wear my pjs and throw them in the wash once I'm done.

I usually wear Yoga pants, wifebeater and flip flops. Comfy, but if I have to run out of the house for some reason...I can go out and not like like trash.

I hope this doesn't sound too crazy, but the only way I can make myself do housework is "dress up"(sort of)for it.NOT in any good clothes,since that would be stupid and wasteful, but I do put on lipstick and mascara, a really nice bra and boy shorts, and 2 1/2 high heels(except I take them off in the bathroom and kitchen, and replace them with teddy-bear-slippers.)I turn on loud music and pretend the whole thing is like a glamorous excercise that I'm ACTUALLY ENJOYING....and it does help a little,sometimes,to get me moving. (And it must work a little,cause I have the cleanest house of anywhere I...live.)