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Dec 16, 2011
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After all of this hoopla with Urban Decay and their announcement about expanding to China, it got me thinking. What exactly does it meant to live cruelty free? Is being cruelty free something that you've held to for awhile, or have you come into it recently? 

What is your stance on the matter? Do you have any vegan or cruelty free companies that you absolutely adore?

Good Group Idea!

Minerals are inert, and they all come with recommended usage levels. We only test on human volunteers:)

We are registered with PETA as a company that does not test on animals .I consider our company cruelty free, especially if you realize how some cosmetics and ingredients are tested on animals; Draize test where they put chemicals in the animals eyes. Lethal dosage test (self explanatory), etc..: http://www.idausa.org/facts/costesting.html

And read more than you probably want to by googling "cosmetic testing on animals".

However, cruelty free does not mean Vegan. For instance, we use beeswax in our lip balm. So, that's not vegan due to an animal crafted ingredient.

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IF a company states that they are all natural, all organic ingredients, and are certified 100% organic, does this mean they don't do harmful testing on animals? I always assumed it did, but in the cruelest sense of the word, an animal IS organic...

I am asking because I got all excited about a new line of products I have never heard of before. They are sending me a box of samples of their skin care. IDK..

I have emailed them to ask if they do any animal testing. They do not address the issue on their website, or have the leaping bunny icon.



PS- I'm so sorry if this comes across as incredibly naive or insensitve. I have been taught to go for the best, and to heck with the ethics of how something is made.. I'm trying to change my own moral code about this issue.

I did a search at PETA.org and the company I was wondering about is on the list of Cruelty Free brands. It is also 100% organic.

In case anyone wants a totally free line of skin care samples to try with free shipping, you might like this one that I just found. NOT a referral link- I don't do that..

Glam Nation skin care, http://www.glam-nation.com/

thanks for the link, Laura.  i just requested my own samples from them!  always good to discover new cruelty free options.

my cruelty-free product that i absolutely adore would be L.A. Color's Pink Frost Lipstick.It is amazing!

Also I would NOT trust what PETA says because they kill animals ( www.petakillsanimals.com ) and some of the cruelty-free company's are not on the list.Plus PETA advocates for killing feral cats and pit bulls and believes that breeding any cat or dog should be illegal and that all cats and dog should be spayed or neutered.(if we did that the species would end).Anyway's www.leapingbunny.org has a lot of information on this subject.I highly recommend it.

You can always email the company itself about its cruelty-free status, too. I did so with theBalm and got an answer within a day. They might lie, since there isn't a legal definition of "Cruelty -Free." But combined with internet research, it can be helpful

To me, being cruelty-free means avoiding companies that animal test whenever possible in life, and entirely when it comes to cosmetics and skincare. Those things are luxuries, and no animals need to suffer for any of my luxuries. I've been CF with my makeup for about seven months, which is when I started wearing more than cheap eye shadow and lip gloss, and cosmetics became a hobby for me. Before that, I always tried to be cruelty-free in general. Still do (it can be difficult) as well as trying to keep the environment in mind, use low-waste products, etc.

Some very good CF or vegan brands, seperated by general expensiveness

ELF (no animal testing, full line)
Madd Style Cosmetics (indie brand, 100% vegan, gorgeous. Sells eyeshadows, blush, lip balms, primer and base)
Hard Candy (owned by Wal-mart, sells a full line. I personally avoid Wal-Mart whenever possible due to shady employment practices, so I'm pointing out Wal-Mart owns them)
Zoya (Nail polish)
Yes To Carrots (Skincare)
Meow Cosmetics (indie brand that has hundreds of eyeshadows, a complete line of powder foundation, concealer, primer, blush, bronzer)

Queen Helene (skincare, cheap as heck, wonderful)


Tarte (no animal testing and otherwise concerned with making their products as 'natural' as possible. )
Sonia Kashiuk (No animal testing, full line, fantastic brushes)


Tarte (some products fall under $$. No animal testing, otherwise concerned with making products as 'natural' as possible.' Multiple full lines)

Urban Decay (no animal testing, for now. Has vegan products, but at one point sold a vegan eye primer that was not, in face, vegan, ) 
Sugarpill (no animal testing, some items are vegan. Eye shadows and false lashes)

Illamasqua (no animal testing, sells in China but only through their online store, which allows them to get around the "MUST TEST ON ANIMALS" law. Full line, noted for their lipstick and shadow colors. )
Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (no animal testing, full line)

These are just the ones I've personally tried. If anyone knows something I don't about one of these companies, please let me know!

:wub:I love your post @@fashionista502 about PETA, I agree and also have researched articles on them. :unsure:  There is an excellent insiders report on PETA and how they truly operate...this person worked for them for 10 years and proves what they are really all about. If anyone would like to know more about the truth of PETA, search for Nathan Winograd...excellent info and unbelievable testimony. :rolleyes:  It's a sad world when an organisation claims to care about animal ethics, takes in millions of dollars worth of donations per annum and covers up their true dealings...which what I've read so far... is killing innocence. :angry:   :( /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />  :eek: /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />

To me cruelty free means no animal testing, no purchasing information on animal testing from other companies (which is totally a thing), and not using unethical overseas labor practices. Ideally I also like my "cruelty free" products to use 100% organic ingredients that are from sustainable sources, but I'm willing to slide on that if the other standards are met since the first three actually cause direct harm to animals and people while the last two only cause indirect harm. (Still bad I know, but as a famous band once said "you can't always get what you want.")

To me it doesn't matter if a product is vegan as long as the ingredients are gathered responsibly. For example: Lush uses beeswax, honey, and chicken eggs in many of their products; but they get it all from organic and sustainable farms. Besides, with bees dying off (thanks pesticides!) it's good for them to have a symbiotic relationship with humans so we can help them maintain a good population. Bee keeping is pretty rad. If I wasn't so freaked out by buzzing-flying things, I'd consider keeping a hive myself someday.

Someday I'll be able to afford to go completely cruelty free, but for now I just can't. Still, those are my ideals. 


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