What does light caramel brown mean?

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Nov 26, 2005
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does it mean it has gold in it? anyone know? or is it more of just a lighter brown than reg. light brown?

its a more golden light brown that is lighter than reg light brown.


It can be a bit darker than these tho

ok, thanks, i just put some on my hair, thankfully it's not permanent. it looks like a brownish red. doesn't look bad, but i was hoping it would cover up the golden hue i had. should of got reg. light brown.

I'm thinking that means "bronde" --> Brown + Blonde = Bronde, light caramel color, a bit cooler toned in hue rather than just golden. Supermodel Gisele Bundchen sports this color, though I believe hers is natural.


I was using a light carmel brown and it def had a more golden hue. Very pretty. It was perfect for summer but I now am wearing it a little darker...an ash tone would subdue the gold!

whenever i use ash, it has that ash look, you know what i mean. i don't mind this color, since it's not permanent, but it is just a tad dark right now.but my natural color is very dark golden blonde, almost light brown, so it doesn't look bad with my skin tone and eyebrow color.