What fragrance are you wearing today?

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Aug 24, 2006
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Today I'm wearing Romance by Ralph Lauren. I love how it smells. It's a bit strong so I make sure not to wear it near my face (like on my neck).

So what are you wearing today?

I don't wear any when I am working. It bothers my respiratory patients. but I wear Gucci Envy on the weekends.

Today I just went with the cheap body fantasy stuff from walmart in I think rasberry vanilla. I wear it a lot when I'm not really going anywhere. Funny thing is, I get a lot of compliments on this fragrance, which kinda makes me mad after spending a ton of money on expensive perfumes, lol.

Lolita Limpicka I swear by it... Ladies if you have never smelled it please do I had never heard of until I started working at Ulta and ladies ever since I have been hooked... I get compliments from everybody men and women young and old. Its kind of hard to find I know they dont sell it in department stores... But if u have a Perfumemania near you please stop by and ask them for a sample I promise u wont be disappointed.

Today I'm wearing Spirit For Women by Antonio Banderas - random I know! I bought it ages ago for some reason, but never wore it cause I wasn't really into it (who knows how to waste $$......??) But I sprayed it yesterday and LOVED it.....kinda makes me feel like I'm back in Spain!