What is good for extremely dry skin?

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Jun 28, 2006
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I recently moved from Tennessee to Colorado and boy was my skin for a shock. I have noticed that everything my hair, face and body has got so so dry. I use Lubriderm for my body, Pantene for my hair but I need help with facial products for dry skin.. even my makeup will not go on evenly anymore

Anyone has any suggestions for a facial cleanser and facial moisturiser?

It's hard to say because everyone's skin is so different and reacts so differently to different brands of moisturizers. My suggestion would be to go out and sample different moisturizers and find what's best for you... but you definitly should use something and make sure it won't break you out.

I just started using the Vitamin E creme cleanser from The Body Shop with their face brush and OMG, my skin feels like velvet afterwards! You should try that line! I really like it. They make a moisturizer with SPF also I'm pretty sure! hth

for your hair, i suggest you try the baby shampoo from Mustela, it's a bit more pricey than pantene (in my country) but really soft.

use gentle products for your skin and read the labels. as winter comes, i suggest you go for a cold cream which will nourrish your skin and protect it from climatic conditions (what is great about it is you can use it on your body too). every good brand has one, but if you don't find any, search in the babies products section, i know Mustela has one. i also suggest shea butter and calendula oil.

for your face, may i suggest a facial bar? La roche Posay has one i haven't tested yet, maybe Dove?

i forgot : why not mix a bit of foundation with your moisturizer and go for a tinted one?

Originally Posted by kaville /img/forum/go_quote.gif I just started using the Vitamin E creme cleanser from The Body Shop with their face brush and OMG, my skin feels like velvet afterwards! You should try that line! I really like it. They make a moisturizer with SPF also I'm pretty sure! hth They do have the moisturizer with SPF and it is one of my HG standbys, defintiley great! I've also fallen in love with (and I have EXTREMELY dry skin):
Mary Kay Velocity Cleanser-- I know alot of people with combination skin have used this with success, but for some reason my skin loves it, too! I make sure to rinse with cool water after cleansing to seal in some of the moisture! Perhaps that is what helps! Anyways, if you know anyone who sells MK, perhaps they can give you a sample so you can try it out yourself before you commit to a whole container!

Clinique Continuous Rescue Antioxidant Moisturizer-- Totally Soothing and the moisture lasts all day. Sinks in fairly quickly, too, so you can get on with your makeup. Smells *nice*
Costs a pretty penny for not all that much, though, but a little bit goes far.

Olos Natura Herbarium Moisturizing Anti-wrinkle Cream-- This is super-thick, herbal/olive scented, defintely will last you until you wash it off, heavy duty moisturizer. I've only tried a sample, so I don't know where to get it, or if I can get it even in the States.

BaborAdvanced Biogen Day Cream--Yet another nice cream that didn't break me out during a particularly sensitive time of the month for my skin but kept it hydrated. A treat for my skin, but I'd probably use something cheaper first (however, if I were where it was sold, I'd probably buy it, since I know it works, and that sort of thing is hard to come by

N.V. Perricone, M.D. Cosmeceuticals Olive Oil Facial Moisturizer-- Really nice, surprisingly light enduring moisturizer for dry skin. I was highly impressed by this all around, and would definitely purchase a full-sized container of this, given the chance. Great Olive smell. Made me want to eat my face lol

I also just finished off a GWP of TBS's Aloe Facial Day cream, and I like it a bit better than their Vit E formula, as it is creamier, so I may be changing soon, who knows?
HTH you in finding something that works! I know how terrible it can be to find something to just make your skin feel better!

Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair under my moisturizer at night really makes a difference for me. I have the dryest skin.

I use Oily of Olay Complete Protection, with SPF 15, for sensitive skin. It's really nice. No smell, absorbs quickly, and doesn't clog pores. Plus, you can get it almost anywhere.

Drink a lot of water, and try to use some kind of oil, that's my opinion. But i don't know if that could cause irritation to some people?
I don't think so but be carefull.. I also like vaseline but some people find this gross


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