What is the hottest make up line right now?

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Feb 5, 2004
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I was just wondering what you think is the hottest make up brand on the market right now and why. If you have statistics, that would be great. I've always been curious about that. In my opinion, I think MAC is the hottest make up brand right now and they have been for the past couple of years, but I would love to hear what everyone else thinks

That's a good question. It's hard to say the hottest...maybe Armani when it came out and I think the hype still goes on. I agree with you in regards to MAC being one. I think they have a great marketing plan. MAC comes out with a new collections all the time with limited edition products so people keep buying more of their products. The products are good, the color selection is awesome and it's priced right.

MAC all the way

A lot of brands are pushing their makeup lines, but MAC is a true makeup brand...

MAC is too easy of a pick. I will say Bare Escentuals. They have been around for a long time but they are the company that put mineral makeup on the map. Everybody is doing minerals now.

Yes MAC has lots of new colors all the time but BE has changed the way makeup companies think about makeup.

I vote MAC... I also love Nars but I don' think it is as well known anywhere outside of the makeup boards

I guess MAC is the hottest in terms of it's having, and sustaining, the most hype...In terms of which brand is best though there are now really far too many to pick from

In my circles (women who don't wear a lot of makeup, or don't live and breathe mu), it's Bare Escentuals. In fact, BE is what started the mu obsession for me.

I would say Revlon bcos it started mu obsession for me.I used to go to walmart everyday and get tons of Revlon mu when I started wearing mu.

Originally Posted by pieced A lot of brands are pushing their makeup lines, but MAC is a true makeup brand... Right on! I totally agree!
I'd have to say Mac... on different websites i go on and forums its such a popular brand !!

and with their LE eyehsadows they come out with... it keeps us on our toes !!