What is your average weight gain during the Holiday season?

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Sep 27, 2003
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If you manage to not gain any weight during the Holidays, how do you do it?

You must have a lot of patience!! I couldn't handle that many people coming and going. Thanksgiving meal and Christmas meal are the only times I'm ok with people coming over for the day but not any longer.

Originally Posted by gidgetelizabeth

I'm going to give it a good try this year and try not to make all of my guests suffer too. LOL My husbands parents, sister, and sister's family are all coming to MY house again this year. Soooo, if my posts start sounding a little looney, you'll know why. The company starts arriving tomorrow and will stay for at least a week. Eeek

Gotta love those in-laws!!! Mine aren't much different. If the house is a little messy or anything I hear about it right away. I'm not even going to talk about grandmas and parenting.
Their view of the whole thing is so different. You don't even wanna know what I've heard about my parenting style because we practice attachement parenting. (extended breastfeeding, baby sleeping in the bed, baby being carried instead of using a stroller). Our son is 3 now so he is past all that pretty much and so are the comments. I just don't listen to the comments and ingore them. This is my child and my husband!
I do whatever I want. It gets on my nerves sometimes but I think everybody has the same situation with their in-laws. My hubby has to deal with my parents coming oven and staying with us for 3 weeks at a time because they don't live in the US. I really respect my husband dealing with it and not wanting to divorce me after that! All I know is that I'm not going to be that kind of in-law when my son gets married.

Originally Posted by gidgetelizabeth

Oh no, I am NOT that patient. I have all but begged to go to my mom's and ditch the whole lot of them. I told hubby tonight that the first time one of them is mean and nasty to me, I am gone until they leave. My in-laws actually had the gall this last spring to tell hubby he should divorce me. They don't like the way I keep my house. Well, once again, it's not going to pass the white glove test. LOL They also suggested that I am a bad mother because our 2 year old wanted his dad to put him to bed. UGH!
Thanks for letting me vent.

loose jeans during the holidays = awesome.

Originally Posted by kygirl For some reason I only manage to lose weight during the holidays. Here it is two weeks before Christmas and I have people commenting that my jeans are loose

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