What Is Your Favorite Piece Of Jewely??

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my wedding ring

My hoop earings and this necklace with the Letter D on it (I wear it like Carrie wears hers)

I don't really wear lots of jewelry, but when I do it's earrings. My specific favorite piece that I own is my Tiffany's mesh ring that my brother & sister-in-law gave me for my college graduation.

oooooooooooooo!! Such a tough question!! Ima make my OWN rules because YOU didnt GIVE me any!

Classic earring: diamond studs...my pearl studs are a SUPER close second

Fashion Earring: Sterling Silver heart hoop with pearl on end

Classic Strand: round Akoya strand

Funky strand: Baroque Tahitian Strand

Pendant: diamond and pearl cross, tco bean necklcace

Can ya tell I work for Iridesse?

My wedding/engagement rings and my diamond studs... I wear them daily. I only take out my earrings to clean them.

My wedding ring ( it's a elegant version of a Claddagh style ring with a small diamond in it)

And soon to be added collection..I have my eyes on mikimoto pearl necklaces...They are so hot to wear by themselves

I like everything
so I don't know but maybe most earrings and rings, coz I have alot of them

I have a Aquamarine ring with Diamonds surrounding the stone which i love

I love Bling!!!! I would have to say bracelets--bangles, tennis, charm with rings coming in at a close second.

Considering I've only just got my ears recently pierced I will say earrings at present. Ive been buying up on them. I do love bangles too.


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