What kind of cut would this be?

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Feb 13, 2007
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Hey everyone. I've been wanting hair like this, but it's hard to tell what kind of cut it would be since their hair is curled:


When I curl my hair, it looks more puffy at the bottom, this this, which I don't like:


Would I have to ask for long piecey layers?

Ooh, thanks for your advice, Choco. I've asked for V-shaped layers, before, but my hair still hasn't turned out like that. I'll let you know how it goes if I get it cut tomorrow!

No idea, but I think the picture you showed has more to do with styling, rather than cut. Take the picture in to your stylist, they will know!

it is just a long layered cut, with longer and smoother layers. and it is thinned out at the bottom

it appears the layers dont start till chin length in the front, and most likely shoulder length in the back

that is my best guess

OMG, I love her hair. I think thinning it at the bottom makes sense, maybe teasing the top half?

nope the top is not teased, it is cuase the layers are shorter that it has volume, but at that length teasing would have very minimal effect and you would be able to tell cuase it owuld not lay as smoothly

My hair gets like that on a really good day - haha.

All I asked for was long layer and nothing cut above my chin...

That girl's hair looks teased on top/back. I envy her hair, ugh.

Show pics when you cut it, Ash.

I believe it's more in the way you are styling it rather than how it is cut.

the way I get my hair like that and not poofy at the bottom is.............. when you curl it with a curling iron, do not put the entire strand of hair in the iron, leave about 1-2 inches of the bottom hair out of the iron, so in other words clamp the iron about 1-2 inches from the end and roll, don't start form the every end of the hair. only roll about halfway up the length of the hair and once you've done all your curls use some shine serum or anti frizz serum and rake it through your hair with your fingers, that's what makes it look piecey.....I also use a curl holding spray on each section of hair right before I put the curling iron to it.

It will not go poofy at the bottom simply because if you ask for that cut, it'll be super layered and the longer layers will be thinner, if you know what I mean. As in, the layering will happen at the back too, hence why it won't look 'poofy' like that last pic. Layers all over! It'll look gorgeous! Make sure you get tons of layers on the back... like short ones, so that you can pull that look off. You want tons of shorter layers and fewer longer layers.

Thanks for you help guys! I'll post pics if it comes out right!

Choco- I have no idea! Someone posted that on another forum because someone was looking for curly long hair styles.

What I did for something I truly liked was print about 10 pictures of the same hairstyle i wanted, In diffrient views so the stylist gets my point. I'd point and annoy her about "THIS IS EXACTLY HOW I WANT IT" in the end it'll turn out great.

Tip: Don't be too annoying hehe.

Hello all. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for their advice. I went to get my hair cut today and I showed her the pics. She just said, "Long and lots of layers?" and she thinned out my hair a LOT. Most of my length was kept, but there was a HUGE pile of hair on the floor. I have lots of hair, so it feels weird for it to be so thin now, but it looks pretty good.

I'll post pics later!

I had my hair thinned once. OMG, I thought she left me bald, but I still had tons and tons of hair left!

I wanna see your hair! Hurry and post pics please!


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