What level of schooling do you have?

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I went to Fashion School for two years and quit. Pretty sure their idea of an internship was selling shoes at Nordstrom...NOPE.

I plan on going to Esthetician School next year.

I have a college diploma in Dental Assisting and then a Level II Dental Assistant certificate....... 15 years ago ..... and now a certificate for Ambulance Communications Officer.

I feel like a professional student...college

2 years of Nursing School, (University of Toledo)

1 year of Sociology with a minor in Social Work (Shaw University 1st historically black college of the South)

I'm currently a Elementary Education major...I think this is the one for me, so no more transferring schools. I currently attend Belmont Abbey College, and I love it.

I want to go directly into Grad school and get my MA in either School Counseling or Community Counseling.

I'm finishing my Bachelor's Degree in Biology next year and I'll be going to med school on August, then a million years after that I'll be a radiologist lol. I'm also finishing a Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design, going to be done with that next year too!

Well so far I have about 2 (wasted) years of college under my belt. I say wasted because I failed almost every class.

But I do plan on going back to school maybe in the year 2009.

I'm in a RN-MSN program (Very part-time). Wanna teach when I'm too old to stand all the time.

9th grade drop out
I need to get my GED but other things come first

Bachelor's of science in engineering and another in geology...tons of training every year to maintain my Professional Engineering certtification...


I am in my last semester before receiving an AS in General Science, but I think I am going for my bachelors in RN. Well I will be applying for the nursing program at the beginning of next year, and while I am waiting I will take classes for the Bachelors Degree.

I dropped out my Junior year in the Top 10% of my class with a 3.5GPA. I ended up getting my GED, and then went to college full-time while working full-time as a single parent. I've since obtained my Bachelor degree in Healthcare Management, and I'm still in debate over getting my Master degree.

I left high school after grade 11, but I only passed like 3 courses that year. I need something like 8 more credits for my diploma, a couple from grade 11 and the rest grade 12. I'm planning on going to an adult learning program in an alternative high school in September. I'm really itching to have my diploma by around next January... so I can finally get on with my life and hopefully go to college for something I really enjoy.

Kee and Rlise get those GED's and continue your education!! I have read your posts and you are way ahead of most of us. Now, here's a scary thought for ya,,,, I am a Registered Nurse with a Master's degree. I teach Nursing Ethics and Theory in a local college. I also work part time at a local hospital so I don't forget what it is really all about. Still studying and finishing 16 hours in Legal Health Counseling (translating medical stuff into legal stuff for attorneys in malpractice). Now go check into your local hospital hospital--LOL scary thought huh????? (Smile)


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