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Sep 25, 2007
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What works for one person doesn't neccesarily work for everyone. What do you wish you could pull off? For me, it's a strong v corner eyeliner. My eyes are too closed set together and it makes my eyes look even closer together if I do it but I wish I could so bad.

I don't want it that deep but you get the idea.

Baby pink lips. Colors like "Blankety" don't work for me at all because of my skin tone its undertones. In MAC, I'm and NC42-43 & in NARS I'm Tahoe, so I'm pretty tan. Many people say its just a confidence thing, but I'm pretty darn positive I can't pull this off. I wish it did work on me though. BLAH.

I wish I could perfect my goth look... I mean full on goth and making it my own... I feel like I fail at this all the time.... I want to be able to draw more intricate designs... and the deep V look that Adrienne was talking about I would love to perfect!

I personally think I can pull of anything.... Its all about confidence!

I however can not for the life of me draw two even dramatic cat eyes/winged liner...... I can sit for hours and still not get them even.... So I guess that is something I can't pull off on my own lol

I wish I could use liquid eyeliner. I can't make even lines with liquid to save my life. I may splurge and buy more just to play with it. It can't be *that* hard!

Pink and nude lip colors. I have dark brown lips and most colors other than deep colors show up. Same issue with eye lids, but primer and loose pigment seems to work for that lol

Blonde hair. I skin with a yellow undertone (light tan) rather than peach, and it's suited for brown hair, so it would look very fake if I tried to dye it :( /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />

That's really it- why is blue shadow so hard to pull off?

Purple eyshadow.  I have golden olive skin and purple makes me look GREEN.  It's practically criminal how bad it looks against my skin.

I wish I could pull off either red lips or dark eyeshadow. I look older and trampy when I wear either one.

I have many red lipsticks, but I've had to recently just give up and accept that I will never look great in red lipstick. It makes me look like a little baby doll. I already look young for my age so that is a problem haha. I usually wear pinks which look pretty good, so I'm okay with that I guess. 

I have a really hard time pulling off any lip color more then a slight color wash, not only does it look bad on my but the way i smile makes it transfer to my front teeth. I can pull off any eye look though and i love blue eyeshadow

I wish I could pull off using any shade of silver or grey eyeshadow, but it just doesn't look right on me.


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