What makes a great MU artist?

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May 10, 2007
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From your perspective, what would you say makes a great MU artist? Have you had an artist who's inspired you??

I believe what make a great makeup artist is the ability to know every woman's greatest feature and bring that feature out to enhance that person's beauty.

I had my first "makeover" at Sephora's back not too long ago and the artist on duty there name was Heather. Heather made me feel so beautiful and she told me that I had a great shape on my eyes and gave me the advice to really play up my eyes to bring out my face more. That was probably just a normal thing to her, cause then again, that's her job. But, it meant everything to me.

I'm inspired by all the gorgoeous ladies here on MUT and of course inspired my the MU artists!! (Amanda a.k.a Benebaby)

My bad for making this into a rant...

To me, a great MA is one who gives you advice but also listens to what you have to say about what colors you prefer, how much time you have to do your makeup, etc.

Glad you had such a positive experience on your makeover.

Hmmm....to me a great artist is Kevyn Aucoin. He didn't rely on product as much as he relied on his ability to enhance beauty with as little as possible. He basically used the same products on everyone but somehow the individuals beauty would shine through.

I have never had my makeup done professionally. I am too much of a control freak, plus I have a phobia about people touching my face. But from working with artists...it seem the ones who have humility and are compassionate to the clients need are the best.

I love Bobbi Brown's work, so natural, so .. earthly.

the best?, i don't know, there are many artists!