What Mascara Is Right For You?

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Jul 6, 2012
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Have you found your one and only Mascara that you cant live with out? If not check out this video. My video shows the pros and cons with some of the brands. I have tried many mascaras, and my heart always sticks to one kind! see which one it is. Whats your favorite mascara? do you have one?
My must-have mascara: Maybelline's Full & Soft mascara. Really love it. Thanks for the video! I'll stay away from that other Maybelline one you hated. I have a Maybelline Great Lash mascara that I didn't like. I bought it because it was consistently rated as a "classic," but it stayed wet too long and I'd invariably end up with mascara on my upper lid and below my eye when I blinked or looked down. I haven't had that problem with the Full & Soft at all. I bought the Full & Soft after seeing it was consistently rated highly by makeup bloggers as an affordable mascara choice.


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