What motivates you to choose the colors/products you do?

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Jun 11, 2005
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I was just curious...

When choosing colors and products do you rely on trend, personal choice or the advice of friends/others??

I usually go with what I want to try. I like to pick things that traditionally people wouldn't choose and make them work. I also like to try new products so I can discover something that not many know about. I look at trends but they don't really affect my choices. I never rely on friends for product recs. Not because I don't trust them, but because we have different ideas about what's good and why.

I think I choose all 3. But if I had to choose it would be personal choice...I always try to pick something that flatters me and that I like. Besides I can't keep up with trends ...it's a bit expensive.

when it comes to color, i tend to try it on my hand so then i can see if it goes with my skin color or not.

as with products, i kinda just check to see whats new, and try it out on my hands to see if i like the texture or smell or whatever. sometimes i'll read it on here on in a magazine and i'll go and see what its all about and ask for a sample or something like that.

My friend and her cousin are big on makeup and when I see something I like on them, I go ahead and get the same color or something similar. Same goes with seeing something that caught my eyes in mags.

Also, I choose colors that flatter me. Like testing it out at the mall or having a MA help me steer to the right direction.

As for products, I go by recs. from either here or friends. I have yet been let down and I do a lot of research on the product before buying it. I need picture proof mostly and testimonials to be sold on something.

I really like your question.

Definately not what my friends recommend. Lol, they barely wear makeup and if they do, it's just mascara or just foundation.

I just stick to what I think will look good on me. Mostly neutrals, but sometimes I go with bright colored eyeshadows that I try to copy from pics online.

I never change my hair either, I'm afraid I'm going to be one of those 80 year old ladies that still do their hair and makeup the way they did in the 40's or whatever. Not that the 40's were bad, but things have changed, IDK, it makes sense to me lol.

trends get me
like with red lips for example, after seeing them everywhere I wanted to try it out.. I also rely on opinion of friends and advice of makeup sale's person, especially when they seem sincere and as if they know what they are talking about. and finally good ads get me. I guess a little bit of everything.
I go with what I like and/or want to try. I don't particularly pay attention to trends or do's/don'ts.

Trends don't necessarily dictate what works for me, but I usually mull over a particular type of makeup style I wanna try, and then I scope out brands and colors for a while, then I take the plunge and buy. Sometimes, the colors are "unconventional", and sometimes they are more "traditional".

I don't pay attention to trends.

If I think something's pretty, I'll want to buy it. I'm pretty simple like that. lol!

I like to try different things but I think I have a pretty good sense as to what looks good on me and what doesn't. I do work in a rather conservative environment so I can't be wearing too much color but I try to add a bit of flair by maybe adding a blue eye liner or perhaps some shimmer on my cheekbones.

I don't do trends either. I wear what has always looked good on me, whether it be pale lips, purple lips or red lips (which I haven't done in years). If you look at the "trends," they seem to rotate every few years. I don't subscribe to fashion magazines anymore, so I don't know what's in. I just do me.

I ussually see a vision in my head of something I think would look good on me and then I go search for the closest thing i can find. Or sometimes I'll see something on someone else, or in a picture and love it and try to copy it.

I choose by the feel or the mood I want to convey. I read tons of magazines and catalogs and I do take note of the pictures, but not necessarily in a makeup feature. Sometimes it's just something cool I see on a fashion model.

Like Bene, I like ot play with new colors and textures and see if I can make them work, for this old face or for a fresh, pretty one.

Most of the time i pick whatever i think will be flattering on me, i dont like following trends because from one day to another they are gone and what to do with all the stuff that you bought based on it.

I like what looks good on me and i like trying new things to see how they work, same as you i like making things that usually don't work, work.

I try to pick different products whenever i go shopping to try and see which one looks the best on me, so based on that i go and buy it again or just don't buy it again if it isnt good enough

I would say that it would be personal choice and trends. I follow lots of magazines. I also like to venture on my own.

I use personal choice and some trends. I will go in to MAC and tell them what color clothing I wear and go with their suggestions though. That is how I discovered Gleam eyeshadow.

I don't follow trends. I either try to find colors on my own that suit me or I head to a makeup counter if I want to try different colors, experiment.

Definitely not waht my friends say cuz I always seem to know more but what I like or what I want to experiment or maybe something rec'd here on MUT or by a makeup artist!

I like to read other's reviews to find interesting items. Cosmetic ads also inspire me. Usually I don't grab anything from the counter without research.

Trends do influence my choices because I'm always looking at magazines and ads for inspiration. As far as choosing a brand or product, though, I'm usually pretty loyal to brands that have worked for me in the past (I have very sensitve skin so I have to be careful) or I choose items that have received really good reviews. Of course, if I can't get my hands on a free or discounted sample, I'm much more likely to choose an inexpensive brand over a high-end one.


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