What should I buy from Mac?

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Dec 23, 2006
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They gave me a $50 dollar give card for my B-Day and I don't know what to buy.Their so many new stuff

for me i'd get either their brushes or pigments.

well i guess it depends on what you like and need, if you want something from the new collection i will suggest queens sin lipstick.

pigments!!!! they last for a long time.. you can use them forever, colour is awesome,tons of colours. ok, i can go on forever lol.

I'd go for brushes. It's a good investment and you'll use them all the time.

I'd totally use it on a holiday brush set for your money's worth and pigments

Definitely get something you'll use!

You could invest in brushes unless you already have a nice brush collection.

I agree with the brushes. If you already have those then pigments last foreever and definitely get a viva glam l/g or l/s. You get a great product and they donate the money.

depending on your needs, brushes or pigments, eyeshadows. maybe an item from a collection if you spot one you like.


I just bought the lipstick and lipgloss for Viva Glam VI. You can also try to buy a MAC staple such as carbon eyeshadow. Try one of their new paint pots.


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