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Apr 23, 2007
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MAC collection?

I have to say...I'm a newbie, and Antiquitease was my first collection. I'm so sad I missed Barbie and C-Shock.

Oh hell.... My first MAC Collection... I believe it was A Muse! Believe it or not! I just got into MAC last year, and my first in-store purchase was in like July 2006... Oh what I've acquired since then LOL!

First actual one I bought from was Danse. I started late. I went back and bought soooo much from other collections though. Either from buying on here, CCO or ebay. I seriously don't know what I would do without certain products such as my goldbit eye shadow, who's that lady lipgelee, or stereo rose msf.

ummmm makeup wise, it was the one that had the shadow Prose and Fancy.

before that i bought a holiday gift brush set in like 04'.

I have been buying MAC for several years now. The Barbie collection was the first to come out that I bought several items from. Up until then I think most everything I bought was just in the basic line. I snapped up several things from the Antiquitease line.

Ok, MAC ladies , help me out. What was the one with Catherine Denueve? I bought that eye shadow quad. Love it.

Lingerie (December '05).

e/s: Sunday Best, Pink Slip

lipglass: Of Corset!

pigments: Goldenaire, Lovely Lily

I really loved the barbie collection, i wish i knew about it at the time, i've only learned about it recently. I have colors that are pretty similar from tony n tina but not exact. As for buying a collection, hmmm im wayyyy too broke for that. Maybe one day...

Rushmetal was the first current collection that I got from MAC. Since I became addicted, I have been slowly acquiring from past collections. I really regret missing out on C-Shock and Barbie!

I just lost my MAC virginity last month. I couldn't help myself I feel in love with lychee luxe lustreglass.

No money for a collection! Lol, I wish though. I did have a lychee luxe lipglass once though, that was pretty. I want more MAC! haha.

I think it was Flashtronic / Rushmetal for me too. I was never really that into it before, then I started reading and reading about collections here, and started to notice upcoming collections, and got really excited about it. I always got to get a thing or two from the collections now lol.

The first time I bought Ether e/s, Northern Lights MSF, Mauvement pigment, and I am so in love with all this stuff still. Don't know how I lived not noticing the collections before lol


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