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Jan 9, 2012
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So, I have a pound of pure shea butter coming in and will be whipping it later this week. My first time doing this, so anyone got any recommendations on fun oils to mix into it? (I'm not really the earthy-crunchy type, so this is new to me.)

you could always put 3 cups of powdered sugar in it along with vanilla extract and make some frosting! LOL

I use my kitchenaid stand mixer.  It does take a while to make whipped shea butter if you've watched that lady from Coastal Scents make it on youtube.  It takes about 1hr of mixing and it's not practical to do that with a hand mixer.  You'd also need a few more ingredients to thin it out.   Check out the vid, this is where I got the method.

Awesome share! thanks Divadoll now I wanna make my own whipped shea butter! going on my list of projects to do after we move!

I would mix almond oil with it, and also some essential oils according  to the desired benefits you are wanting to achieve.

Definitely worth a try.  I've made it before.  I love the results. 

Originally Posted by Isabelsjewely /img/forum/go_quote.gif

Awesome share! thanks Divadoll now I wanna make my own whipped shea butter! going on my list of projects to do after we move!

Ok, I guess I was a little vague in my first post--the reason I'm doing this is because the ONLY thing that helped my exczema on my elbows was L'Occitane en Provence's shea hand cream and a Burt's Bees lotion that I don't think they even make any more. Plus, I have INCREDIBLY dry skin--to the point where if I don't moisturize, when I take off a pair of black pants, you can actually see huge patches of tiny skin flakes on the fabric where it has rubbed against my body. I don't really know anything about essential oils or about what to use to get the maximum OOMPH from the shea butter--that's why I was wondering how you guys would use it. I've noted down the proportions that were listed above, just still foggy about WHICH oils I should mix with it :) /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />

I would do avocado and macadamia nut oil. The essential oils dont really server a purpose other than perfuming the lotion. so I would hit up a granola store and start huffin oils! LOL

I used sweet almond oil and jojoba oil.  Macadamia nut oil is expensive.  You can use it sparingly if you wish but sweet almond oil is available at Indian grocery stores for cheap and is great for skin. Many essential oils have health benefits.  Rosemary oil is good for skin and hair.  You don't have to put those in if you don't wish. 

You can really mix any oil in that you like or you have on.  Coconut is nice, olive oil, sweet almond oil, grapeseed are all great ones for conditioning your skin.