What's everyone going to wear on Halloween?

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Sep 27, 2003
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My son has a party at preschool tomorrow and he will a power ranger. He has been waiting for Halloween so bad. Sunday is only couple of days away.

Im going to a party tonight at the Rugby club and am going as a Big witch with 3 little witches aged 10, 10 and 12. I am undecided as to go as a big witch or as Morticia . As im so pale and have black hair i could just go as myself and that will be scary enough in itself lol.

I miss all the Halloween excitement, getting the kids into their costumes, putting on their makeup and such. My kids are grown now but my youngest and I had to stop at Walgreens last night and they had some of the cutest costumes, especially the little pullover ones for babies, we had fun just looking through all the Halloween stuff. We get a ton of tricker treaters at our place every year, we always decorate the house and yard and I probably spend at least $25 on candy. I will probably just dress up has me, jeans and a flannel shirt
and give out candy to the kids. Have a safe and Happy Halloween everyone.

My daughter is going to be a Cheerleader. I was remembering when she was small and it useto be so much fun because I was the one who would pick out her costume. Now she is 10yrs old and does it herself. Oh well. I may decide to wear something at the last minute.

I won't be dressing up but i do plan on staying in & watchin lots of scary movies!! My sis went to a halloween party last night dressed as supergirl. THAT'S NOT SCARY!


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