What's everyone's favorite E-tailer or Retailer for Bath and Body products?

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Sep 27, 2003
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I just placed an order with MMUcosmetics.com I think their products are really good quality and like the fact that you can select from different scent strengts. I'm still wanting to try LUSH one of these days since everybody raves about them so much. For retailers I like Bath and Body Works and L'Occitane.

my absolute favorite is lush. i havent oredered from them in a while, and im dying to try the new products. theyre pricey in comparison to others, but i feel that the quality is so much better.

i used to be an absolute MMU junkie. id order 6 lotions at a time. lol. im kinda over that now. i go through phases where i buy a ton of one thing. plus, i just have a lot of lotion sitting around that i need to use up. the scents were hit and miss for me. i found some that were pretty nice, some that i absolutely loved, and some that i just couldnt stand. two of my faves are creme brulee and mango.

I love lotion that is made by tanning lotion companies... so i'll usually check out Ebay for good deals, or some lotion manufacturer's sites... Otherwise, I'm at Bath & Body Works at the mall


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