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Feb 17, 2004
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Here are some new makeup items that are available.



<!-- Adina Fohlin


1. DibiBody

Your world-traveling friends have one less thing to brag about: This wildly popular Italian line (including its cult product, the hyaluronic-acid-and-vitamin-packed Gold Cream) is finally available stateside.

Price: $32-$90 Available at (800) 959-DIBI.

2. Maybelline Great Lash Denim Blue Mascara

For a limited time, you can match your lashes to your favorite low-riders. Quick, before the indigo fades!

Price: $6.50

3. H2O Plus Color Cosmetics

It's makeup! No, it's skincare! Hey—it’s both! Every foundation, concealer, powder, lip color, eye hue, and blush in this new line is packed with a potent blend of anti-aging, antioxidant, and skin-illuminating marine algaes.

Price: $12-$20 Available at H2O Plus stores, www.h2oplus.com, and (800) 242-2284.

4. Naturopathica Environmental Defense Mask

Warning: Do not spread this enticing, berry-scented purée on toast, no matter how tempting a prospect that is. Save it for your face, where its anti-inflammatory, exfoliating, and antioxidant properties will actually do some good.

Price: $48 Available at www.naturopathica.com and (800) 669-7618.

5. Cristophe Beverly Hills Hair Care

Considering the heads of state who have been in his hands, you might expect übercutter Christophe's collection of highly effective shampoos, conditioners, and stylers to sport stratospheric prices. Amazingly, you'd be wrong.

Price: $6.99-$7.99 Available at Cristophe salons and CVS.


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