What's the best scent (scented candle) for bathrooms?

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Jun 16, 2005
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i was thinking maybe something flowery? or lemon? having guests over for a few days and just wanna make their stay comfortable=)

also.. where to get it and what brand?

id like it to be strong too.. it is going in the bathroom lol

so far ive had the following recs:

HB Grapefruit

HB Garden Mint

HB Lemon Verbena

HB Lime Blossom

any more recs? i'll be on a look out for these.. and im not sure which scent is more 'bathroom appropriate' so any and all opinions are greatly appreciated!! thanks=)

I personally like the Glade candles. They are cheap, smell GREAT and the holders that they come in are already decorated.

Some of the scents that I like are:

Angel Whispers

French Vanilla

Melon Burst

Suddenly Spring

Here is a link to the website.


I love Cabin Candlery - if you go to their website @ www.cabincandlery.com - click the retail button, then click product list.... You'll be amazed as to how many different scents they have, also - many different sizes to choose from.

These are the most highly scented fragrance candles I've ever smelled - they're amazing!!! They last a real long time, and have SO many different scents to choose from. The aroma fills the entire house with a luxurous fragrance.. I buy the 15 oz jars w/handle which sells for $9.95 - its about 70 hrs. burn time. Actually, they're having a sale on them until the end of this month for $7.95 ! I am going to stock up!... They're made in Maine, and each candle is handmade from start to finish...You'll just love them, & you WILL NOT be disappointed... Only down-fall, is that it takes about 2-3 weeks to received them., but it is definitely worth the wait! xx

i've always been partial to lavender for the bathroom. not to flowery and kind of medicinal. a clean, no nonsense smell.

Originally Posted by NYAngel98 Yankee Candle tarts! Throw a burner in there and you're room will smell great!
I use the yankee candle tarts too. They last a long time and smell up the whole room. Anything from Yankee is good, they have so many cool scents, I personally like french vanilla, apple martini and fruit salad. Glade has good ones too, the ones that have the 3 layers smell awesome. Pier One has some great scents also. Since everyone is different, I would go with the theme of the bathroom to pick a scent.
I like both Yankee Candles and Glade. Depends on my budget. I tend to favor vanilla fragrances and the Glade vanilla is nice. Yankee Candles have a great pumpkin spice scent and their Xmas scent - "balsam" is wonderful. I don't particularly like floral scents so I stick to either foodies scents or outdoorsy like pine or balsam.

The Henri Bendel collection from Bath & Body Works is fantastic, but a little on the pricier side. The scent is concentrated and fabulous and burns forever.

i really like Diptyque candles. A bit pricey but very nice. I have a Tiberose one, and I'd like the Mimosa and Fig ones.

I also like a Molton Brown candles too.

i don't know about certain brands, but i always like vanilla smells. i think it's the most nuetral smell.

Originally Posted by Liz i don't know about certain brands, but i always like vanilla smells. i think it's the most nuetral smell. I love Vanilla

I use wall plugins

I just sniff and if its smell good

to my liking

I will buy lol

so im not good on the scented names

but I do know Vanilla and Jasime

I know this is off the subject a little

but I also love

the House Spray

Indian ??? whweew i cant think of the name

thats because im out lol

(well it have an indian head on the can)

some of you may know

what I am talking about


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