What's the last movie you saw?

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Feb 12, 2005
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Rented & watched "Napoleon Dynamite" on New Year's Eve with my folks. My dad thought it was hilarious, my mom hated it! haha. It's one of those quirky movies that you have to have a certain kind of humour for.

"Strange Brew" LOL...an oldie but goodie, my daughter wanted the DVD for Christmas and I finally got to sit down and watch it, I've seen this movie several times since it came out in the early 80's but the Mckenzie brothers(Rick Moranis & Dave Thomas) still crack me up.
My "Everybody loves Raymond" Season 1 DVD set... although I know it's not a movie... lol but this was the last thing I've been watching lately - it's a 5 dvd set. That show is hilarious!! I also have a Season 1 dvd set of "21 Jump Street" that I won off Party105.3 Radio station last night! Caller 105! LOL Picked that up today - but as far as a MOVIE dvd... hmmm probably would be iRobot. (Although I have like 150 dvd's and some I still havent' even seen yet! LOL) I do want to buy "Little Black Book" this weekend though, and I am going to see the movie "White Noise" in the theater... that looks so good! I've been waiting for that to open for weeks! Looks scaaaaaary! LOL

Originally Posted by SusieQ

Super Size Me.

Ohyea, I watched some of that movie on my laptop on an airplane. I got to the part where he barfs out the window of his car after eating a quarterpounter, HUGE coke and large fries LOL
Originally Posted by SusieQ Super Size Me. That had to be enough to keep you outta McDonald's for awhile! LOL

In theater was The Incredibles.

At home was Elf (I fell asleep), and 50 First Dates.

I watched Open Water last night.. What a load of *&(^*(. Please tell me whoever else saw it agrees with me. I've never seen such a rubbish movie!

We rented "Hero" the other night, and I really enjoyed it considering I normally don't watch subtitled movies. Tomorrow we are going to see "The Aviator" to celebrate the last free night before the semester begins! (I have time to see maybe one movie during the semester, my school schedule is insane!) I'm not really looking forward to it a lot but if it really is as good as the review say then I may enjoy it -- but hubby is a big movie buff and wants to see a lot of the movies that will receive Oscar nods which is why we're seeing it!


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