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Nov 29, 2004
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If you could get your perfect hair (cut, curly/straight/wavy, color) with no styling, hair cuts, or color touch ups, but it had to stay that way forever, what would it look like?

i'd love to have Elle MacPherson's hair b/c it's opposite of my thick, semi-wavy Asian hair.

My color - Pam Anderson's style... straight/wavy - with lots of body!


I wouldn't mind having her other BODY either!!! LOL

Not too sure.... something about shoulder-length that would make me look my age (and not like a college freshman which everyone assumes I am)! At this point I wouldn't care if my hair were curly or straight as long as it looked good!

Wait a minute... it had to stay that way for ever? I can't think of any one hair style that would really work for all ages and stages of life! (At least not for me!)


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