Whats your favourite eyeshadow color?

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Blues make my eyes pop so i love them!
taupes are lovely too!

blue ! to be more precise, turquoise, because green is my second fave color, so i get a bit of both in turquoise e/s

Originally Posted by BeneBaby /img/forum/go_quote.gif I said other because I like almost all colors. I can't pick a fave. ditto!

My favorite eyeshadow is Charcoal Brown by MAC. It's more taupe on my coffee-with-cream skin color. I wear it as a base color, no matter what other color I'm wearing. Gray-ish black is my second favorite for smokey eyes.

I will wear mosts colors, but my favorite non-neutral color to wear is purple. Funny, as I don't ever wear any purple clothes...


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