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Nov 26, 2004
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Another "Let's get to know each other" thread! Yay!

Name: Jensen

Location: Seattle, WA

Occupation: Full Time Hairstylist/ Part-time Makeup Artist

Marriage status: Somewhat Newlywed! Had our 1 year anniversary on August 17th.

Pets: 1 Boston Bulldog (Eddie) & 2 Cats (Gwen & Cosmo).

Children: None

Hobbies: Does shopping & chatting online count?
I also skateboard. Love to dance. I used to design & sew a lot; but haven't for a few years. I also love to paint, but don't do that enough either.

My style: I'm a Girlie-skater-rocker-chick that's grown-up a little.
Most of my wardrobe comes from Express, but I like to mix some Skater & Rocker pieces in with it.

Taste in music: I'm pretty open-minded; but prefer to listen to Alternative rock. I grew up on Seattle grunge, so I like all kinds of rock. Nirvana, Modest Mouse, The Killers, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Garbage, Jet, etc.

Favorite Hang-Outs: There's a place in Seattle called Bimbo's witchin' Burrito Kitchen. 1 word: YUM!!! Everyone I've taken there is a bit scared to order at first, but once they get their food, they thank me for it!
Then, I like to walk next door to the Cha Cha Lounge for some cheap stiff drinks & good people-watching.

Ok, now everyone needs to copy & paste, then fill in with your own answers!!

Name: Jennifer

Location: Indiana

Occupation: Computer Science grad student -- just finished finals, only 2 semesters left!

Marriage status: married for 4 months

Pets: None -- we really want a kitty, but our apartment doesn't allow pets!

Children: None

Hobbies: Well, during the 3 weeks of the year that I'm not studying (lol), I like drawing (pencil or charcoal), scrapbooking, and reading.

My style: I'm currently trying to transition my wardrobe and hair/makeup from typical college student to young professional woman! I'm tired of everyone thinking I'm a college freshman -- I look younger than I am so the only way to look my age is to dress it!

Taste in music: mostly Christian rock/alternative (Third Day, Switchfoot, Audio Adrenaline, etc.)

Favorite Hang-Outs: Anywhere off-campus or away from our apartment is a treat for me! When I'm alone I like to go shopping at the mall; when hubby and I are together we tend to do the typical dinner and a movie date when we go out

Name: Teresa aka Tess

Location: Ocala, Florida

Occupation: Full time homemaker

Marriage status: Happily married to Zeppie

Pets: 1 shi-tzu,cocker spaniel named CC, 2 cats, Rudy(the evil one) and Emmie

Children: 2 beautiful daughters, Jess-24 and Sarah-18 in 3 weeks

Hobbies: Harley Davidson motorcycles, riding mine, cooking, gardening, hanging out and making friends on MUT

My style: Rude, lewd and tattoed biker momma, actually I'm mostly laid back these days

Taste in music: Southern Rock--Allman Brothers, Marshall Tucker Band, Lynyrd Skynyrd. Classic Rock, Outlaw Country--Waylon & Willie

Favorite Hang-Outs: At home with family and friends, and a place we love to ride the bikes to and hang out called Gator Joes on the lake.


Name: Gail

Location: Honolulu, HI

Occupation: F/T Dental Service Rep (currently on LoA); F/T care-giver to my Granny w/Alzheimer's; P/T student

Marriage status: Single & proud.

Pets: 1 spoiled, 1/2 Shih-Tzu, 1/2 Bichon Frise, dog named Chewbacca

Children: None, but Chewbacca count?

Hobbies: Reading, shopping (it's a sport right?
) & terrorizing my dog.

My style: Semi-neurotic (think Monica from Friends), but not as anal.
Pretty laid back & enjoy comfortable, yet fashionable, clothing.

Taste in music: Any & everything. I could probably get into Polka music if given enough beer to consume.

Favorite Hang-Outs: Not many, being a caregiver is VERY time-consuming & leaves me very little time for a social life. It's tiring, but worth it.

Name: Janelle

Location: Holtsville, New York (Long Island)

Occupation: Receptionist & Claims Admin. for an insurance agency

Marriage status: Single... Dating Leo almost 4 yrs.

Pets: 3 Cats - Moo, Smoky & Rocky

Children: None

Hobbies: Playing online, (MakeupTalk of course!) Shopping, spending time with friends, big trucks, motorsports and car shows

My style: Sweet n' Classic chic with a P/T Wild side

Taste in music: Rock (Southern & Classic), Some pop, dance and luv songs!
But I can listen to anything with a good beat or meaningful lyrics!

Favorite Hang-Outs: At home just chillin', at Leo's 4x4 shop, or anywhere my friends are!


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