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Jul 11, 2006
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I bought two of the L'oreal Infallible lip colors this morning at Target. The color Nutmeg looks horrible on me. It doesn't look like the color on the tube. Since I opened it and tried it, can I return it? I haven't tried the other one yet, but will probably return that. I kind of feel like if they don't have the product in a display where you can try the color, you should be able to return it. Or, do you only return used makeup if you have some kind of reaction to it? These things cost $10 a piece.

I did return an opened Revlon Colorstay a few months ago, but my lips had a reaction to that.

Lipstick will look different on different people. The color on the tube won't be what shows up on a lot of people. I don't know - I always feel guilty about returning stuff, but then there's people that abuse that. (Yeah, I used to work in a store) Good luck.

Walgreens or CVS have a policy where,even if you've opened and tried a bit of makeup,like lipstick, they will take it back and hep you find a better color for yourself.But I think most dugstors will also refund you if your product is truly barely used.Individua stores seem to differ, but my Target takes back(and refunds me)for opened and scarcely tried-on cosmetics.

Good luck!

I think a lot of stores would return the lipstick, but they might take your drivers license or phone number so they can keep track of how often you are returning things. Some stores won't return opened cosmetics for hygienic reasons, they just take a loss on it and throw it out. It never hurts to ask though.

I return items if I have an allergic reaction or I don't like the color. And when I return items they are barely used. I make sure I return items on the same day I purchased or the following day , not longer. The Shoppers Drug Mart near my house is always good at returning items.

For those who didn't read my post about MAC service, I just did an exchange on something I bought months ago. Did I feel bad? Not in the least. The product was definately defective and the sales gal looked at it and said she had never seen anything quite like that.

Most drugstores will take a return, or at least exchange for a better color. Their lighting isn't always the best for judging how a color will really suit you. Never feel bad about returning something, the stores and products want you do be a satisfied consumer so you'll buy from them again!

well...im not sure if they would personally...

but when i was a beauty advisor at london drugs (haha shhh) we would let people return make up if not harshly used.

if its like empty then forget it...or if it was bought a while ago, then no.

but i think you should try too.

that sucks lol

mleh i hate it when they dont have testers

i never return make-up but i didnt think you could because you used it

i've returned a foundation to target since it was the wrong shade and made my face feel like a greaseball. i had only used it once, maybe twice and target took it back. i would call up and ask to be put through to guest service. then ask them about their return policy. you can always write down the persons name so you can let them know who you talked to when you go to return it. good luck!

I return anything that I do not like. I don't shop with retailors that have no return policies. The purchase of MU is can be a bit of an experiment.

I returned the Clinique foundation that I bought when I had my makeover. The girl who did it said this would be perfect for me, but after wearing it for awhile I decided it just made me feel oily and heavy. Normally my skin isn't very oily, so I didn't like that. I took it in yesterday and the lady working (a different person) said she agreed that was not the "right" foundation for me, so she exchanged it for a different type (but same brand). This was was cheaper too, so that was nice!

If its a pricey item, I'll try to return it. For $20 worth of lipstick, I'd say give it a shot. I have a feeling that Target will be good to you.
But just because I'm paranoid, I'd probably tell them that it caused a rash around your lips or something. lol