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May 11, 2012
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I curl my hair overnight using the rag method, but sometimes the ends don't curl they just get frizzy.. how can I avoid this? Should I wrap my hair in the rags when its wet, or dry ?

Hi! To help you out on how to achieve beautiful curls using rag/sock, your hair must be moderately wet. I mean damp hair... It can help to have beautiful curls.    *Bafore Im using curling iron to curl my hair but I noticed that my hair is getting dry so I tried the sock bun method to curl my hair overnight. For me, sock bun method is good but It's hard to do.   *Now, I'm using a small piece of hair accessory to curl my hair overnight. This accesory is very cheap and very easy to use. It creates large curly hair.    Pls see the attached photo for you to see the accessory that I've been using to curl my hair overnight and the outcome when I already removed.    sweet mj

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