Where can I get agnes b., ccb-paris makeup?

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Jul 17, 2005
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I am in love with ccb, agnes b. makeup. When I checked the website, it stated they are no longer shipping their products to the United States. Does anyone still get their makeup?

Welcome to MuT, Karenj! I'm Janelle from NY - nice to meet you!

I've never tried anything from the Agnes b. line... but hopefully someone here can help you out. Just popping in to welcome you aboard!

Hi Karenj...welcome to MuT! I used to use a lot of things from the CCB-Paris catalog including the agnes b. makeup. I had ben buying from them for about 3 years, so I was pretty upset to find I can't order their products anymore. They sent an email out a few months back and it was pretty sudden, it said their products no longer available in the US. In the email they suggested trying Biotherm and there was a link to the Biotherm site. I went to it and checked it out a little, but I haven't had time to really see everything. I wonder why they recommend Biotherm specifically? They must be related somehow.

The only place I have found it is on eBay.  I order regularly from a lady there and have been very satisfied with the freshness of the product.

I would try Galeries Lafayette (the main bd Haussmann location).  From what I've seen, the ladies boutiques don't sell the makeup anymore.  The one in the 6th on rue du Vieux definitely doesn't have it as of last week and the Galeries Lafayette nearby doesn't either if I recall properly.

Otherwise you can order from CCB online (www.ccbparis.fr).  Their shipping is super fast and they ship within France obviously.  Maybe you could place your order before you leave and time it to arrive when you do.

There are some French eBay sellers that sell it from time to time. I had to actually go to the French drugstore near Lille to buy what they had, which was the apricot complexion enhancer that was my favorite product. I got a few other things as they just had a limited selection. It took my French brother to help me find when I went to visit.