Where do you put your skin care?

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Feb 26, 2006
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i know that it sound silly but i really need help in this

until now i had all my cleansers and masks in the bath room

and my toners and moisturizers in my room

and now I'm confused

should i put my moisturisers in the bathroom too?

cus i hate to wash my face at the bathroom and than to go to my room to use the toner and moisturiser

where do you put yours?

i used to have some shower stuff in my room too

now they hiden in the bath so my dad wont use them

this man can empty a bottle in a week


I keep everything in the bathroom. Although, I was thinking about moving just the moisturizer to my room with my makeup. But, I doubt it. I do all the cleansing, treatments and moisturizing in the bathroom then I "put on my face" in my room where I just put a dressing table. But,
it's all personal preference and what works for you.

I have everything in the bathroom. All skin care and makeup and hair stuff. The only things that's in my room is the occasional nail polish bottle, chapstick and body cream.

Cleansers in the bathroom.

One outside the shower [which is the bottle with the pumps]

and inside the shower i have a bar of soap.

& outside the shower i have all my lotions and everything on my vanity table in my room.

lol @ your dad

i keep some stuff in my room and some stuff in the bathroom. nothing in particular. cleanser and moisturizer is always in the bathroom, though.

I have these plastic freestanding drawer things (2 of them, each has 4 drawers) and they are in my bathroom against one of the walls, and I keep all the stuff in there that I don't use everyday, like shampoo, hair styling stuff, masks, tampons etc, body scrub and so on.

Under the sink in the bathroom I have all the stuff I use every day or every other day, like body lotion, cleanser toner moisturiser etc.

And my makeup is in my room.

But I have my own bathroom that no one else uses so I guess that means things are a bit different. If there was someone using my stuff I would so hide it in my room!

i have stuff all over! treatment products in the medicine chest. toners, moisturizers and exfoliatants in my treatment/dressing room. cleansers in the bathroom closet. the weird thing is i take everything that's not in the bathroom into the bathroom because that's the best mirror in the house! go figure!

LOL, my 17 year old is the king of using my bath products! I bought one of those 3 drawer carts and might I suggest you buy one for all your products. MIne are 1 drawer for hair products, 1 for face and the other hold medicines, when you go into the bathroom pull out one of the drawers.

Good luck.

PS you might want to turn dad onto the mens bathcare line, next time you are out shopping buy him his own.

I used to do the same thing - had my face wash etc in the bathroom and toners and moisturizers in my room - I used to do it when I shared bathroom with three other persons and I felt guilty when I stayed in bathroom for too long, so i only did what was necessary there, and whatever I could do in my room, i did in my room. Now I have one roommate though so I have all the skincare in the bathroom since I can spend more time in there. However all my makeup is in my room, so i won't spend hours in the bathroom. my poor roommate! " :p /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" /> You should do whatever is most comfortable for you.
I keep my products where I use them: cleanser in the shower, spot gel in the bathroom cabinet because I use it in front of the mirror, and sunscreen on the counter because I wear it everyday even if I don't wear makeup.

in the shower : face cleanser

in a drawer in the bathroom :



face scrub

bath beads

hair combs

on the counter :

it's mom's place so i only have some hamamelis floral water and my makeup remover

in my room (the drawer is small) :

toner (a big spray thing of thermal water)


essential oils or vegetable oils

my shower gels, because everybody steals them

I only put my facial wash in the bathroom. I put my moisturizer by my bed. Makeup all at my table.