Where is Waldo? part 2

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May 2, 2006
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a while back i posted a pic of my cat hiding in my dad's closet. well, this time, i was wondering why she suddenly decided to leave my room (she was digesting her breakfast on my bed lol). and here i found her :


in the living room, on the table.

usually when there's sun it gets hotter and my cat seems to love it. a cat only need a tanning table, lol. she's relaxing on my bro's stuff for his exam. i never considered french grammar to be relaxing though

when i took her pic she started eyeing me bad, then she played with the camera (^^°) :


thanks ! and she's so proud of it ! like it's totally normal to daydream on a table

Kee : maybe check in your neighbourhood if someone has a cat and soon kittens. or maybe if there's an association picking up abandoned animals. maybe vets also know people who would give kittens, mine does.

Awww she's adorable!!! One of my cats sleeps with her paws on the air and the belly up even in the floor with her little paws up, she's so cute. I always think is uncomfortable but she seems to like it.


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