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May 19, 2005
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I have a friend that I would really like to introduce to MMU, but she doesn't have the internet. I'd like to take her out to stores to try some MMU. How do I find stores that carry it other than Sephora? I'm in San Francisco, if that's any help. There must at least be someplace that sells MMU in Berkeley, right??

Have you tried some place like Macy's or something? They usually have those make up counters and everything -- but not sure if they carry MMU. Maybe you can have her at your house and let her go on the net? Hmmm, sorry I wasn't much help.

Guess you're not asking about the L'oreal or Neutrogena brands.

you live in a popular area. Bare Minerals has a store in SF. Get the phone book out and try some spas. Spas carry MMU. Health food stores also carry some MMU.

Maybe check out the kiosk stands at the mall. There is a mineral brand called Innocence (I think) that has kiosks at the malls.

Bare minerals is a good one. Physicians formula, Milani, Wet and wild . those three are found at the drugstore and not bad at all.
You could try Ulta or Sephora. Both carry mineral makeup. Bare Escentuals has some stores in SF. Maybe try those?

Whole Foods almost always has at least 1 brand of mmu. I've been to a Bare Escentuals store and it was amazing - they have most if not all of their colors out in open pots grouped by color family, and free makeup applications.

I would love to go to a BE store,we do have a Sephora though about an hour away.

farris2 - Sephora is a close 2nd on BE experience
, they have testers for pretty much everything and Sephora exclusives. Ulta is 3rd.


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