Which do you decide on wearing first in the morning MU or clothes?

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Jan 26, 2005
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The post on how days in a row can you wear the same face got me thinking about how I decide to wear my makeup. I thought that I picked my make-up first, then my clothes but today I picked my clothes then my MU. Was just wondering how everyone else decides.

CHanges from Day to day

Yea, it usually changes from day to day. I'm a big fan of black clothes like Trisha, so then I can play with whatever e/s colors I like. But one days I decide to wear something bold like a green sweater or a pink top, I coordinate my make-up accordingly.

It was strange that that post about wearing the same face a few days in a row got me thinking about how I choose to make up my face. I always thought that I swapped between the makeup being the focus and my outfit, but when I came to thinking about it it seemed that I picked both together to reflect my mood. I find I have a lot of pink MU because I have a lot of pink clothes. I had banished black from my wardrobe for a while, but recently I've found it skulking back in

I do my makeup, the pick the outfit. Lots of days I wear pretty natural/neutral colors though, so it's usually not an issue with whatever I wear.

My clothes come first. I'm a minimalist so my face is very basic & doesn't require much thought or effort.