Which Hair Color Do You Like Best on Ashlee Simpson?

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Jan 10, 2007
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Each colour gives her almost a different persona, but I would have to go with the light blonde - she just looks so damn pretty.

I actually like the dark blonde, but I agree, each one gives her a different personality. I personally think she would look good with a very dark brown, a really nice chocolate, something more natural than the black or the blondes in these pics...

I think the dark blonde looks best, but I agree with pinksugar, a nice rich chocolate would probably look nicest

I dunno I think the dark blonde makes her seem too regular. I like the first and last ones tho. She does look really pretty as a blonde tho, but I like the punk look more, lol

I think she looks pretty in all 3, but I do like the dark blonde the best. It looks natural.

im torn with this one, i think all 3 suit her though im leaning towards the darkblonde/light brown atm but that fake tans a bit too much

I think they all look good, but i prefer the middle one..

its not as common as the other 2 cause, ppl tend to either go really dark or really blonde.. i really want my hair to look like that


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