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Mar 21, 2012
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Hi, I've never used any LUSH products before but I've been reading reviews about them and I'm starting to think I should. So I want some feedback on which products I should purchase. I have thick, oily, dry hair. If I don't wash my hair everyday then it tends to look dirty. My other issue is that it is never soft, and always feels dry. So I have conflicting issues: oily roots and dry ends. It's like a lose-lose situation when I try new products. I used to use Bain De Terre shampoo and conditioner (the pH balancing one) and it was HORRIBLE for my hair. My hair immediately felt dirty even after washing it. It always felt like maybe I hadn't washed all my shampoo or conditioner out. I also felt it didn't lather very well. It was very discouraging because my hair dresser swore by Bain De Terre products and I had bought it based on her recommendation. Currently I use the Suave Professionals (the orange one - something about getting sleek hair) just because I gave up on trying nice shampoos and it was cheap at Walmart. But, my shampoo just ran out so I'm thinking I should try something new. While googling solutions for my hair type someone suggested the LUSH Jumping Juniper shampoo bar. I've seen an immense amount of positive reviews so I was wondering if anyone would suggest it for me to use. It sounds like it really helps to cut through oil and keep hair from looking dirty everyday. My only thing is that it was also said that it can dry your hair out, which is already a problem for me. Is it worth it for me to try it? Maybe I could just invest a good conditioner as well? Or some people said they put coconut oil on the ends after using this to keep hair moisturized. I'm no expert when it comes to beauty products so any suggestions are welcome. I also was wondering what conditioner I should pair with the shampoo bar. It says on the LUSH website that you can follow it with conditioner "if needed". I'm thinking it would probably be needed for me. Is there any particular conditioner that is really good from LUSH that would be okay to pair with the shampoo bar? Okay, sorry for a super long post but any help would be great!

I've heard "retread" is a really good deep conditioner.  That would help with your dry ends!  I know it's better for thicker hair, I cant use it on mine since It's too heavy for my thin hair.  Go into a lush store, the girls working are very helpful! And they'll answer all your questions, and you can try the products before buying (Obviously you cant try hair products on your hair at the store, but they will demonstrate on your arm over the sink.) I'm obsessed with lush products!!


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