Which MMU companies have free shipping?

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Lumiere's offers "free shipping" but all their products cost a little more than most.

Purminerals is currently having a special and shipping is free for orders of any size but they're not cheap either.

Fyrinnae offers free shipping for purchases of $25 or more.

Lure Beauty's had some specials before where the shipping was only 99 cents per order.

MAD's shipping is a flat fee of $5.25 for regular orders and $2.50 for sample baggie orders.

The fact of the matter is, most reasonably priced makeup companies will pass the cost of shipping onto the customer. It's not something they make a profit off of, especially if they don't charge a "handling fee".

Silk Naturals has free shipping on orders $30.00 or over for Canada and the United States.


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