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Originally Posted by kissesarecandy0 i want my bangs white as white can be. what is the best stuff to use? You'd need a good bleaching powder (Clairol, Wella are some good brands) and a high volume peroxide. Also good is "Virgin Snow" by Manic Panic which is a good white toner to take out any yellow or red color that might still be visible. Being each salon has different brands, I'd just tell them you want WHITE, and they'll be able to evaluate what you should use for your hair type. It's hard to tell over the PC specifically the best brand.
I had a blonde/white streak in the front of my hair for about 2 years. I used L'Oreal 40 Volume developer and L'Oreal Quick Blue Powder Bleach. You can purchase both at Sally Beauty. I'm a brunette and I could get it close to white.


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