Who do you look like in your family?

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Jan 10, 2007
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I thought this would be cool to start, sorry if it has been posted before, but who in your family do you look like? What features?

i look like mom and dad, i got moms skin tone hair color and eyes, i have my dads skinny build and his nose and face

I look exactly like my Grandma on my Moms side. Same hair, nose, eyes...everything.

I look the most like my mom but I got my shortness from my dad's side I think!

I have my mom's expressive eyes, even though mine are brown and hers are green. I have my dad's teeth. Bleh. I have my auntie's facial structure. I get told I look like my other aunt all the time, but I think it's more of a personality thing than I looks thing, I don't think we look alike at all.

I think I'm totally a mix of both, but I know I saw pictures of my mom at 15, and I looked like her twin when I was 15. I think as I age, I'm looking different, but so many people say I still look like her. I get that I look like my dad a lot too.

OMG!!! i totally thought this said who do you LIKE! hahahah

i look like my mom. COMPLETELY

(ignore all this bottom of this unless you want to know who i like in my family)

i just got back from a family bbq! so this is a great time to ask this! i like all my family! my aunts and uncles are sweet and excited to see us (it actually makes me feel guilty because i have never been the type of person to call them on my own or visit them just because- i have always pulled myself away from my family- not sure why). and my cousins rock! they all have baby girls so maverick gets all the attention. and they are all super cool chill people. my niece, whose going to be a senior in high school, did a little concert for us of songs she wrote, and i have to say, she rocks the acoustic guitar- we were actually all speechless at her talent.

and my dad's side of the family- same thing! they are all totally awesome people too! and my in-laws!

so i guess, i am just family happy!

I look like my mom and dad. I got my moms shortness, nose, hair color. I got my dads skin, eye color, toes.

I look a lot like my mom-- but I have my dad's nose.

My eyes are the odd part of me in regards to my family-- my eyes are usually blue but they turn green if I'm mad and a BRIGHT green if I'm upset and crying. It's a dead giveaway, and no one can figure out why it happens-- but it does, without fail.

My mum

I am not sure. My dad is adopted, so I have no idea who his parents are or what they look like -- or anyone else in his biological family for that matter.

I have my mom's eyes. My nose and lips are different than both of my parents. I am thin, which neither of my parents really ever were in their lifetimes, etc. I am weird. I think I am more like some people on my mom's side though...who knows!

my dad's sister...... weird, but yeah we look awfully alike...... even the body shape and face and all ...........

I look like my mom, but my mom says that i look even more like my grandma (which i never met) - and since my mom looks like her, so i believe. But my elder sister is a copy of mom with a smaller nose and slighter bigger lips - they even WALK the same way.

But i have dad's thin arms and knees


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