Who Here Has Love For The Gingers?

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Nov 6, 2005
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Pfft... I don't.

Well, not for this mutated Chuckie Doll.
He is so freaking gross...this is what Chucky would have looked like had he grown into a man doll, had a d-list career and got addicted to steroids.

Yea he looks weird. My bf and I were watching the Gene Simmons Family Jewels or w.e its called and Carrot Top was on there. His arms dont right for body frame and he has huge jaw muscles. Too many steroids.

" Carrot top looks like his sex change doctor stopped in the middle of his sex change operation and said 'psssf..fnck this! I quit'"...

Lmao..he looks...interesting. Oh and that was a quote from comedy central's roast of flavor flav.

hahahahahahahaha lol...." mutated chucky doll" hahahahah good one.

Omg, you like how he suprised the world by having all these muscles definition? im like you can work out as much as you want you will never be " FOINE!" haha


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